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General electric

it was over 10 years ago that the aris corpoRation creative a smart web application for ge, moving beyond html.

Back in the day (2000) when most companies were struggling with this new concept of promotion and marketing through this vehicle called "The World Wide Web", at the Aris Corporation, our team of engineers, and front-end developers were busy building smart, functional web applications that were way ahead of the times. Meanwhile, competitors system architects found themselves stymied as they tried to sledgehammer complex SOAs into their enterprises. We used a system called the 4-D Methodology (Discover, Design, Develop, Deploy", to consistently bridge the marriage between the down-and-dirty Server-Side Coding, vs. Front-side UI, Well-Thought-out, Gorgeous Information Architecture.

“This was my very first big-budget asignment combining traditional marketing and promotions with web. Over the next 2 years GE spent more than $6 Million Dollars on smart web applicaions.”

- Richard Busby, Creative Lead, Studio55414
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